+We have a home heating oil pump on our forecourt at Buncrana road, available from 6am -11pm seven days a week to cater for those unexpected emergencies.

Empty oil containers are available to purchase, however it is more cost effective for you if you can provide your own.

Any queries contact 02871 360101.

Forecort Prices Price
Heating Oil .499 per litre
Petrol 1.209 per litre
Diesel 1.249 per litre
Red Diesel 0.799 per litre
Cylinder Prices Price
Patio Gas £24.00
11kg Propane £24.00
11kg Butane £24.00
19kg Propane £44.00
34kg Butane £80.00
47kg Propane £90.00
11kg Butane £24.00

We supply all sizes of gas cylinders, locally delivered directly to your door.